BRP Winter Pro Snow Blower

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Maintaining your properties is easy with the Winter Pro premium snow blower. Winter Pro is designed and produced for the Nordic conditions and it has several innovations to make your work enjoyable.

Thanks to the Easy Connect Pro attachment system, connecting Winter Pro to your ATV is quick and easy—only receiver hitch in your ATV is required. Electric start and a remote control unit with joystic steering for the chute, electrical activation for the two stage auger and a switch for the working light (working light sold as an accessory) will turn your work into play.

The scraper bar height can be easily adjusted with adjustable skid shoes. The scraper bar is attached to a boxed heavy duty steel frame, which makes the unit very robust.

There are two engine choices, a 1-cylinder 14-hp and a V-twin power version with 23-hp. Both engines are made by the American manufaturer Kohler and tested to withstand harsh Nordic conditions.
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Комментарии (20)

Eclipser2004 (7 months ago)
Need to see it in at least a foot of snow. And that heavy, hard packed
stuff the snowplow leaves at the end of the driveway. The "berm" is the
real test.
Dodgeramguy85 (5 months ago)
You could own it for the very low can am price of 10 grand.
Stevo Wade (4 months ago)
If you have a driveway full of arrows this will work for you.
Robert J. Casagrand (7 months ago)
how much ? and what does it attach to ? anything?
Nivrat1975 (7 months ago)

JREMY Skippy (6 months ago)
Fail. We never saw it in actual use.
Akaeldin (5 months ago)
did not like the video did not get to see if it works or that the only
thing it does is turn the augers. not impressed with the video on the
selling this blower.
101southsideboy (5 months ago)
hope it does not have the same unreliable engine of a spyder 
Squarerig (4 months ago)
They are already redundant!The global climate is warming up ans soon there
will be no snow in Scandinavien.Or so one reads.
Jeff Soma (9 months ago)
anything more to show?
Meumacaco (1 year ago)
why don't you show it working in deep snow .... useless video
Turboearl (9 months ago)
Vadim Abdullin (10 months ago)
its 16 or 20 hp engine ?
Harri Paadar (1 year ago)
Olispa jämäkkä...
Drew grosswiler (8 months ago)