В кругу предателей (2017) Фильм новинка. Русские мелодрамы 2017 новинки

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The main character of the multi-part dramatic motion picture is a charming girl named Anna. She is very happy, because she has a beloved and caring husband, and a little son. Once they are going to go to rest in Thailand, spend time together and soak under the rays of a warm sun. But soon the life of the young mother is changing radically. Because of one rich person who was behind the wheel in a state of intoxication, the husband and child of Ani are killed. She realizes that she will never see family and friends again, and now the meaning of her life is completely lost. Police officers decide to close the case, fearing that the wealthy hubby Albina will want to take revenge. Now the heroine faces a difficult choice: either to resign herself, or to struggle with all her might, risking herself and her freedom.

In the circle of traitors (2017) The film is a novelty. Russian melodrama 2017 new items