Ugly PBNer|Ugly PBNer Review and Demo with Walk Thru Bonus

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Ugly PBNer|Ugly PBNer Review and Bonus with Demo-UglyPBner . Ugly PBNer is a powerful desktop software that has the ability to analyze the top 100 search results of google for any given keyword in order to find expired domains that are already ranking in the top 100 search results.
Ugly PBNer is a powerful desktop seo tool designed to find expired domains that are ranking in the top 100 search results of google. In addition, was created by well known software developer and video marketing expert Cliff Carrigan.
How Does Ugly PBNer Work?
Ugly PBNer basic set up process goes as follows:
The tool is very powerful and very straight forward. Simply put, Ugly PBNer allows you to put in a list of keywords. From there to can extract the top 10 to 100 search results of Google for each keyword on your list.

You can take these urls and search to see if any of the urls are on a domain that has recently expired and from there you can register it.
The best part about that is the domain was already in google top 100 results at some point.

If you get no results there you can tell the tool to extract all the inner pages of the domains on your original list and check your new list of urls for expired domains that your competiton is linking out to.

It also has a feature that will search your list of urls and pull all the related keywords associated with them
Thanks for stopping by to check out my Ugly PBNer review. If you decide to purchase Ugly PBNer through my affiliate link, I will be sure to provide you with a Ugly PBNer bonus which includes a detailed walkthrough and discussion on how to best optimize your search to get good results.
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