The Mighty Eighth Official Teaser #1 (2014) - War Movie HD

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The Mighty Eighth Official Teaser #1 (2014) - War Movie HD

Five miles above the earth and deep behind enemy lines, eleven men inside a bomber known as the "Flying Fortress" fight for their lives against swarms of enemy German fighters. As American bombers are picked off one by one, their mission becomes very clear: survive.

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FailureJagex (26 дн. назад)
Oh god. Another movie that makes American WW2 soldiers look like some super
hero, comic-book type, unbeatable badasses.

May I remind you Yanks that America was not the only country involved in
the war, despite what you might think you did not single-handedly win WW2
alone. Even the small resistance forces played an important part in the war.

P.S. Whether or not you guys want to admit it the German army was a huge
and powerful force not to be underestimated. Any film that portrays
otherwise was made for dumb, arrogant or naive people. Stop watching this
shit and watch something with at least some sort of factual bases behind
it. The rest of the world is fed up with your self-glorification BS.

Rant over.
Jonathan avice (5 мес. назад)
Here we go AGAIN some more US heroics and US army heroics during WW2 they
should have more movies about russia a bit like Stalingrad they fought the
other half of the war....
George Washington (5 мес. назад)
They used Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers sound effect, how
stupid. I guess this is some of movie made by students. Doesn't look to
Dannyinaus (1 месяц назад)
2:48 I don't think the Luftwaffe ever had that many fighters in the whole
war yet alone one battle!
Jim Bass (5 мес. назад)
This movie is gonna suck! Oxygen masks needed, then not needed? Bombers
crowded together in the sky like people waiting for a subway? Cartoon
airplanes? Really?
Woodman_victory (5 мес. назад)
Well this Is gonna suck ass. Red Tails v2? 
Julianna Fletcher (11 дн. назад)
Micki van Reingold (4 ч. назад)
I can't find the movie anywhere! Help me!!
Aaronsdavis (9 дн. назад)
"hell was 5 miles above the earth". Yes the allies suffered appalling
losses on bombing missions, but I can assure you it was much worse having
the bombs dropping on you than dropping them. I'm a big fan of smashing
National Socialism, but even I think these cartoon like movies are just
And of course this movie will never face the reality that strategic bombing
was a useless waste of resources. It was bombing railroads and oil
refineries (with accurate light bombers) that hurt Nazi Germany, not
bombing people.
Turkey2003 (15 ч. назад)
Stop complaining people! If you don't want to watch a American WW2 movie
there are plenty of good Russian, German, French, Korean, etc.. ww2 movies
out there with subtitles. If you want something more accurate then watch a
documentary or read a good book. Its a movie made for Americans for
entertainment purposes and that is exactly what you get.
AleV (3 мес. назад)
i have a question. 1:06 is that even possible?
Iamspid3rman (1 месяц назад)
All that obvious green screen and sfx, it takes you out of the movie. 
Stefan Korterik (12 дн. назад)
if anybody here watched saving private ryan please listen careful then you
will understand my comment ;)
GianWarGasm (8 дн. назад)
for the people saying, another movie about the US military??? SHUT UP! its
their country, why will they make movies about other countries? if you want
a movie about germany, russia and etc, tell those countries to make it
themselfs! Russia made a movie about the soviet union "Stalingrad", and all
you guys did was talk shit about it like "this is crap". All you guys do is
complain, nothing will ever be good enought for you people, so just shut
StarShooter010 (11 дн. назад)
When is this planned to come out????
Luke S. (4 дн. назад)
Can we please get over the hate over U.S and their soldiers? Its a movie
based on true events. It was a bloody savage war for all sides, U.S, Axis,
French, ect. There are heroic story's all sides, just because our country
is coming out with one don't hate or shit on it. I recently went to see war
movie Fury that portraited war no matter what side, a terrible thing. 
MrVonKruger (29 дн. назад)
The 8th lost more men then the entire US Marine Corp did. That's saying
something considering all the bloody Islands those Marines had to take.
Dukkencuvva1 (4 дн. назад)
come on, they start with 65 bombers, god knows how many got lost to that
ridiculous flak and then the luftwaffe decides to waste fuel sending 5000
messerschmittes to take care of the remnants? it would be nice if a
filmmaker did even minimal research before releasing these gobshite movies,
havent seen a decent one since Memphis Belle. BTW quit with the ridiculous
cg, or get better at it, there is no feeling of authenticity in this
Isaac Mcpeek (19 дн. назад)
uh a comment to the fellow complaining about american soldiers looking like
bad asses. You ever know any one of these men. I have! I dont know about
being bad ass but they were very brave. My grand father. His neighbor( A
B-17 lower Ball turret Gunner) Hey heres a great idea how about a movie
about the Finnish air war in WW2. They were Bad Asses. They were out
numbered. By a very long shot. They helped keep their country's
independance. by the way I have NO Finnish blood in me. JUST AN
OBSERVATION! from a vet of another american war. It sucks no matter who you
Dmvh222 (16 дн. назад)
I hope it wont be stupid biased american propaganda like red tails