Panic! At The Disco: Roaring 20s (Audio)

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"Roaring 20s" from Pray For The Wicked, out now

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Broadway is black like a sinkhole
Everyone raced to the suburbs
And I’m on the rooftop with
Curious strangers
This is the oddest of summers
Maybe I’ll medicate
Maybe inebriate
Strange situations
I get anxious
Maybe I’ll smile a bit
Maybe the opposite
But pray that they don’t
call me thankless

My tell-tale heart’s a hammer in my chest
Cut me a silk-tie tourniquet

These are my roaring 20’s
I don’t even know me
Roll me like a blunt
Cause I wanna go home
Roll me like a blunt
Cause I wanna go home

Oscars and Emmys and Grammys
Everyone here is a trophy
And I’m sippin’ bourbon
The future uncertain
The past on the pavement below me
Maybe I’ll elevate
Maybe I’m second rate
So unaware of my status
Maybe I’m overjoyed
Maybe I’m paranoid
Designer me up in
Straight Jackets

Hallucinations only mean
That your brain is on fire
But it’s Lord of the Flies
In my mind tonight
I don’t know if i’ll survive
Lighters up if you’re feelin me
Fade to black if you’re not mine
Cause I just need a sign
Or a signal inside